Beginning May 19th ending May 22nd 2023 - This trip takes place in the Upper Peninsula at the DeTour State Forest Campground where I will be teaching the fundamentals to photography, on the beaches of Lake Huron during sunsets, sunrises, and at night where I will share some best practices for photographing the night sky with the Milky Way galaxy on the horizon. I will also be teaching the basics and guiding principles for an introduction to wildlife photography as well. 
This workshop is for all skill levels to enjoy, as it will be a 3 night tent-camping stay on the campgrounds. Bring food to be cooked over campfire. We will all be sharing one good-sized campsite. Expect brisk/comfortable days, but colder nights. Three nights will allow us plenty of time to make sure we come away with images to cherish. Astrophotography is dependent on weather and cloud cover; this is why three nights are on the schedule so we might catch at least one clear night to photograph the milky way and stars.
Wildlife photography opportunities may include (but don't guarantee) the following: Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher, White Tail Deer, many Warblers and other songbirds, Otter, Merganser, Bald Eagle, Raven, Hawks, Hummingbird, and more.
Date chosen in hopes of timing spring migration for this area for great variety in birds. Last year participants and myself included recorded about a dozen different warbler species
Be prepared with proper clothing and camp equipment to stay warm in the field and in the tent. Hand warmers, thicker socks, etc. are a good idea for this extended stay. 
Cost: $250 per person
Group Size Limit - 6
Required of You:
- Camping tent/sleeping bag and accessories (car camping OK).
- Camera kit (wide angle lens preferred for landscapes and astrophotography - e.g. 18-55mm kit is okay!) and a longer lens for wildlife (70-200, 100-400, 150-600, etc).
- Tripod (necessary as we will be doing long exposures at night).
- Headlamp, preferably with a red-light function to preserve night vision.
- Food! This is a Bring-Your-Own-Food (and beverages) event. Please come ready to feed yourself for all three days and nights. 
- Transportation to and from the workshop.
- An open mind and a willingness to hike a few miles, stopping all the time for photos, to learn, and to have a great time with like-minded folks.

To sign up, please contact me at
payment can be made in the form of cash, check, or paypal/venmo.
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